My name is Chelsea, I’m from Maine. I’m a graduate of Greely High School, Cornell University, the Columbia Publishing Course, and the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. I love school.

In college I spent two years interning for the curator of modern and contemporary art at Cornell’s Johnson Museum, which included assisting artists on installations (read: I once spent hours scratching up carpet fluff with my bare fingernails in service of art). I spent the summer after college (2005) in New York City exploring all-things publishing at Columbia's bootcamp, CPC. My first word-smithing job was in San Francisco where I briefly wrote copy for Yelp.com when the website was pursuing early VC funding (we popped champagne.) I became an assistant editor for dwell magazine, and later the online editor of dwell.com. I was a founding editor of design mind magazine for frog design and was also content producer for the company. When I returned home I joined the newly-founded Maine magazine team as managing editor. For the summer of 2010 I shifted to contributing editor until beginning the master’s program at HGSE that fall. During my time at Harvard, I worked as a Project Zero research assistant under Veronica Boix-Mansilla.


Post-graduation I've freelanced as a writer, editor, and community manager. Projects I've produced range in scope from local events to annual journals to forthcoming work from Random House/Penguin. In collaboration I seek variety, a commitment to design, attention to detail, and good humor. I subscribe to the "don't be a dick" school. In my classroom at Maine College of Art (where I teach a junior seminar on Internet and identity) we look behind the veil of popularity and authority. We also talk about cats and laugh a lot.











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Chelsea [Holden Baker] DeLorme






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pro bono






The American Bar Association recommends that lawyers contribute at least 50 hours of pro bono services to “the greater good” each year. While some might argue that this is a form of ethical atonement, it’s also an astounding standard. What if every American professional felt compelled to contribute 50 hours of their expertise to artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, cultural organizations, and students every year? We’d live in a different society.


Fit and Finish is the name of this on-going side project. It is a free service designed for artists, students, and social enterprises with worthy causes and well-defined projects who need some help setting the tone, finding the tag, or organizing their thoughts for things like websites, presentations, statements, press-releases, invitations, grants, and business plans.


What I won’t do is all the work for you. But I can advise, edit, and tease out your own ideas. Sometimes you might need clarity. Sometimes you might need creativity. Other times, you might just want a collaborator. Don’t worry, I have a sense of humor and won’t judge.















I work from a tiny studio in downtown

Portland, ME