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The American Bar Association recommends that lawyers contribute at least 50 hours of pro bono services to “the greater good” each year. While some might argue that this is a form of ethical atonement, it’s also an astounding standard. What if every American professional felt compelled to contribute 50 hours of their expertise to artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, cultural organizations, and students every year? We’d live in a different society.


Fit and Finish is the name of this on-going side project. It is a free service designed for artists, students, and social enterprises with worthy causes and well-defined projects who need some help setting the tone, finding the tag, or organizing their thoughts for things like websites, presentations, statements, press-releases, invitations, grants, and business plans.


What I won’t do is all the work for you. But I can advise, edit, and tease out your own ideas. Sometimes you might need clarity. Sometimes you might need creativity. Other times, you might just want a collaborator. Don’t worry, I have a sense of humor and won’t judge.